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Why Tankless?

Navien is the Gold Standatrd in the Industry

  • Endless Hot Water
  • One unit can replace two tanks
  • Energy star efficient
  • 15 Year manufacturers Warranty

Owner and
Master Plumber
Steve B. Williams

The Top Tankless Water Heater installation company in Katy Texas presents the “Navien Generation Two”. This model comes with Built-in cirulation, for quick arrival times to your extremeties. Do Somthing nice for your home. You will love it!

Navien Tankless

Navien Generation-2 Installation!

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NPE180-A-2 for up to 3-1/2 Baths
Indoor/Outdoor Installation

NPE240-A-2 for up to 5-1/2 Baths
Indoor/Outdoor Installation



We pride ourselves on first class Water heater installation and replacement in Katy tx. The Techs are uniformed fully licenced Plumbers. Because we only do Water Heaters you can count on expert advice from your first call into our office. Because Our Techs take special care of your home when installing your new water heater, your floors are covered from door to door. Your old Water Heater out in a water proof bag. Take a minute to read some of our reviews from your neighbors in Katy. We work hard to make the installation of your new Water Heater a smooth experience. Houston Water Heaters are rated A+ with the BBB. We are also members of Angies List, NextDoor, and Yelp. You will find thousands of photo’s of

our water heater installations by clicking the link on the menu bar or here (Photo’s). Katy Water Heaters must meet Katy code. Tankless water heaters in Katy are very popular. Type Water Heaters Near Me to return to this site.

Why choose Houston Water Heaters?

We are conveniently located near Katy. We install tank and tankless hot water heaters in Katy zip codes 77493, 77494 77449, and 77450. Our water heater installers have been serving these neighborhoods for over 27 years. Houston Water Heaters offers honor, integrity, and service. Our reviews show satisfied Houston Water Heaters customers have to say about our installers and our water heaters because all we do is replace water heaters. We work hard to make the process of installing a new water heater for you as smooth as possible. Houston Water Heaters is rated A+ with the BBB. We are found in the Plumbing category on Angie’s List, NextDoor, and Yelp. View thousands of water heater installs here: (Photos). 


Are you looking for a Katy Water Heater Install? At Houston Water Heaters we pride ourselves on replacement and installation of tank and tankless water heaters. Our Plumbers who do installs in the Katy area are not subcontractors so they are licensed, insured, and bonded. While any plumbing company or plumber may install a water heater it could be the first one they have installed this week, month, year. Because water heaters is all we do our plumbers install three to five water heaters per day. You can count on expert advice and a consultation to replace your water heater from the moment you call. We will take exceptional care of your home during installation of your new water heater. All water heaters replaced in the Katy area must meet Plumbing code however a permit is not required if you pay your water bill to a MUD district.

Water Heater Installation in Katy

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