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Reasons You Should Hire a Professional to Install a Water Heater

Dec 28, 2021 | Water Heater Installation

If you’re thinking about installing a new water heater on your own, you should think again after evaluating the hazards. It is not an easy task, and mistakes can have catastrophic implications. 

Self-installation of a water heater may appear to be the most cost-effective option. However, it is perilous to undertake without sufficient training and skill unless you are a professional. Because most water heaters are powered by gas, even minor installation mistakes can result in significant costs, property damage, personal harm, or even death.

For this, we highly recommend hiring a professional to install your water heater. Read on as we discuss the reasons why.

Reason #1: The Dangers of Fire and Explosion 

The majority of water heaters in New Mexico use natural gas, which requires combustion to heat the water. Because these fuels are highly flammable, any installation error can result in a massive fire or explosion! DIY installation isn’t worth putting your family’s safety or risking damage to your property.

Reason #2: Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Gas water heaters require ventilation. CO builds up as a result of poor ventilation. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a potentially fatal medical emergency that can cause lifelong brain damage or death. Because carbon monoxide has no odor, a leak would go unnoticed (unless you have a functional carbon monoxide detector). Even minor mistakes in the installation of natural gas equipment might have major consequences.

Reason #3: Product Knowledge and Expertise

Keep in mind that the bulk of online and physical retailers do not specialize in water heaters. Even the best intentions cannot compete with the product knowledge of a qualified and licensed plumber. 

Consult a professional to choose the best water heater for your family. The difference between an efficient and inefficient water heater can be determined by an experienced professional. They may even be able to show you the difference between a safe and a dangerous scenario.

Reason #4: Concerns about Home Resales

In the future, you might want to sell your house for many reasons. To proceed with this, you must have your property examined and approved. However, passing an inspection may be tricky if you installed your own water heater. For one, if an inspection fails, repairs or reinstallation may be necessary. As a result, you can find yourself paying more costs and fees! Who would want this kind of worry and inconvenience when selling their home?

When installed by a competent plumber, your water heater will be permitted and code compliant. Thus, save yourself the hassle and choose a reliable service provider who provides a guarantee or warranty on their work. If a problem arises while the equipment is still under warranty, your technician will be able to help you.

Reason #5: Safety and Peace of Mind

Choosing a trained plumber gives you and your family peace of mind. More than safety measures, it would be great to sell your home without having to deal with property damage, health issues, or other home concerns related to the water heater.


When it comes to the real things, we’ve got to hand it to the professionals. After all, they have the skills and expertise to give us excellent service and worry-free home life. With this smart move, you won’t get only an installation but you can gain more knowledge about your water heater by asking for advice, tips, and information! It’s a win-win for everybody!

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