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The Right Size of Tankless Water Heaters: 5 Things to Consider

Dec 31, 2021 | Tankless Water Heaters

Sizing a residential tankless water heater is not as difficult as it may seem, but it requires specific information and understanding of how it works.

Tankless water heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes. But how do you know which size to use? Tankless water heater sizing is not as straightforward as choosing a gas or electric storage unit. Here are some general guidelines for getting started with tankless water heater sizing.

1. Know Your Needs & Who Can Help, Houston Water Heaters

The best way to choose an appropriate tankless water heater is to understand your needs. The tankless water heater will be used to fulfill your basic needs for hot water, so the size of the hot water demand will determine the size of the tankless water heater needed.

A tankless water heater is ideal for smaller homes and rental properties because they produce a steady supply of hot water. They are especially efficient in areas where hot water is used several times a day.

If you have questions about your tankless water heater sizing needs, talk with a licensed professional. They’ll help you make an appropriate decision for your needs.

2. Consider the Water Source

Consider the water source for your tankless water heater when choosing the size of your tankless water heater. If you are on a well, you’ll need a tankless water heater that can handle the number of gallons of water you have available. If you are on a municipal water source, the water source will determine the size of the tankless water heater needed.

3. Determine the Pressure

Pressure, or hydraulic head, also plays a role in tankless water heater sizing. Each tankless water heater is rated with a minimum hydraulic charge needed to operate the system.

Hydraulic head is the maximum static pressure that the water can reach before the flow falls below the minimum flow rate. The minimum flow rate for a tankless water heater is generally set at 1.5 gallons per minute.

You’ll need to know the height of your tankless water heater to determine the hydraulic head needed.

4. Check the Capacity

Tankless water heater sizing needs to include the total hot water capacity needed for the home. A tankless water heater will not run all the time, so it won’t produce the hot water needed for the average shower.

5. Check the Cost of Electricity in our city of Houston TX

A tankless water heater that runs on electricity will run all the time. So, power tankless water heaters are a bit more expensive to operate.

Don’t Overlook the Tankless Water Heater’s Size

The size of the tankless water heater also matters. Not only does the size of the tankless water heater determine the amount of hot water needed, but the size also affects the installation costs.

Small tankless water heaters are easy to install on a wall. They can be hung from an existing wall. Larger heaters will be more difficult to install, requiring a larger tankless water heater foundation and more complex piping. Take all these factors into consideration when choosing your water heater, and you’re good to go!

Know the right size of the tankless water heater you need. For hot water heater installation in Houston, trust only the best. Houston Water Heaters is an expert in tankless water heaters. Contact us!

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